Our Products and Services

  • Loan Services

    The bank provides loans to support all parts of Agricultural Value Chain. It providesnon-agricultural microcredits to poor people from villages. The loans are accessible by individuals or groups.

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  • Agricutural Microloans

    Usually For traders, fisheries, field crops farmers, agro-processing, tree crop production. Provides loans for Agricultural Value Chain.

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  • Export Finance Facility

    This product is in line with the Federal Government’s resolve to hasten economic development by encouraging job creation and improving trade in Nigeria.

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  • GEM Loans

    This is an initiative targeted at women. It is dedicated to open financial abilities for women in Nigeria.The loan can be given to individuals. The beneficiaries are small holders

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  • On-Lending Loans

    Providing transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses, easing pressures on scarce foreign exchange

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  • Agra-Business Loans

    The loan covers every activity of the agriculture value chain. It can be given to individuals or to members of groups. it is specified in a memorandum

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  • Money Market

    Bank of Agriculture is on the list of Africa’s leading agricultural finance institution, providing loans to support all parts of Agricultural Value Chain.

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About Us

Bank of Agriculture Limited was incorporated as Nigerian Agricultural Bank (NAB) in 1972 and became operational in 1973. In 1978, the institution’s name was changed to Nigerian Agricultural and Co-operative Bank (NACB) Limited to reflect a broader mandate.In October, 2001, following the Federal Government’s efforts to streamline the operations of its agencies, the NACB, People’s Bank of Nigeria (PBN) and the risk assets of the Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) were merged to form Nigerian Agricultural, Co-operative  Rural Development Bank (NACRDB) Limited. Ten years later, in October 2010, the Bank was rebranded and it adopted the new name Bank of Agriculture (BOA) Limited as part of its Institutional Transformation Programme.

Our Products

  • Direct Credit ProductsDirect Credit Product (Small and Medium Enterprises) Developed to finance agricultural productions and agro-allied activities. Loan volume ranges from above N250,000.00 to a maximum of N50,000.000.00
  • Large Credit ProductsDeveloped to finance large agricultural production and agro allied activities. Loan volume ranging from above 50 million to a maximum of 1 billion for a single obligor
  • Youth Agricultural Revolution In Nigeria (YARN)Developed to encourage Nigerian Youths to key into agriculture and take it as an investment or as a business. E PROVIDE THE SOLUTION FOR ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Grow And Earn More (GEM)Grow And Earn More (GEM): Developed to encourage Nigerian women to key into agriculture and take it as a business. The beneficiaries must be small holders with the required land for cultivation.
  • On – Lending Credit ProductThis is a lending strategy through which the Bank partners with States, Local Governments, Agricultural Financing Agencies, NGOs, and Community Based Organisations.
  • Agro-Processing FacilityComponent of Agricultural Value Chain: To ensure National Food Security and reduce post-harvest losses, the Bank has developed a credit product known as “Agro-processing Facility”.

Our Partners